Our Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values

Our Vision >>

To raise the Vocational and Technical Education in our country to the level of Vocational and Technical Education in the industrialized countries. 

Our Mission >>

In order to achieve this vision, to realize the philosophy of "Learn by doing, Do by learning" in vocational and technical education and higher education,

Our Strategies >>

To ensure the continuity of the development of vocational and technical education, by establishing strategic partnerships with and target to achieve results to provide the common good of the below stakeholders;

  • Industry bodies,
  • Organized Industrial Zones,
  • Syndicates,
  • Chambers,
  • Schools,
  • Universities,
  • Related Public Organizations,
  • Non-governmental organizations and
  • Individuals

Our Values >>

  • To respect life and nature,
  • To give value to the people without any expectation,
  • To serve the people to gain current knowledge and skills,
  • To put forward the scientific and rational living,
  • To serve to develop and implement technology in our country.